All systems are go

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  • Maze

    This is the core Maze application found at

  • Authentication
    • Google Auth

      Logging in via our integration with Google accounts

    • SSO

      Logging in via an external identity provider (e.g. Okta, OneLogin, etc) using our SSO integration

    • Basic authentication

      Logging in using your email address and a Maze-specific password

  • Billing

    Billing and payment issues involving our product or our payment processor, Stripe

  • Email

    Emails sent from Maze using our primary email service, Mandrill by MailChimp

  • Hired Testers

    Placing orders for paid testers sourced by Maze using Prolific's panel

  • Integrations

    Issues involving our integrations with various prototyping tools

    • Adobe XD
    • Figma
    • InVision
    • Marvel
    • Sketch
  • Prompts

    In-product Prompts

  • Moderated

    issues directly affecting moderated studies

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